Wishbone Birthstone Ring

Wishbone Birthstone Ring

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This on trend Wish bone chevron ring is a must if you are looking for a statement ring with meaning. It is a perfect gift for that trendy friend, mother or daughter. You can customise the ring with your or their birthstone to symbolise their birth month.

The handmade sterling silver ring is 1.5mm wide and looks delicate but classy with a 3mm gemstone set in the V shape.

I use real gemstones but the sapphire, ruby, emerald and aquamarine stones are synthetic gemstones. A synthetic gem material is one that is made in a laboratory, but which shares virtually all chemical, optical, and physical characteristics of its natural mineral counterpart.If you would like natural gemstones for sapphire, ruby, emerald or aquamarine please message me and I can give you a quote.


Jan- Garnet

Feb- Amethyst

Mar- Synthetic Aquamarine

Apr- Cubic Zircon

May-Synthetic Emerald

Jun- Moonstone or Synthetic Alexandrite

Jul- Synthetic Ruby

Aug- Peridot

Sep-Synthetic Sapphire

Oct- Opal or Tourminline

Nov- Citrine

Dec- Blue Topaz


All jewellery comes in a gift box and a cleaning cloth for your silver